Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition: A highly recommended book by Robert Benson and Darcy Brockbank.  Excellent photography. A great resource, in particular, the Kanji Pages. A must see museum and Japanese Gardens if in South Florida. The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) is the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords. An excellent site, in particular, the Swordsmith Index. A great resource and forum for the study of Japanese Swords.

Orlando Japanese Sword Show: A great show to conduct business and all around good times.

Sword Dealers and Restoration Services: David Bond is a well regarded collector and dealer of Nihonto, Samurai Armor, and other Asian Antiques. Ted Tenold is a gifted sword polisher by any standard.  Also, an honest appraiser. Darcy Brockbank has a steady flow of excellent items.  His site demonstrates a plethora of knowledge. Andy Quirt is an excellent person to conduct business with. Ray Singer has fine swords and great information for the beginner and advanced collector. Bob Benson brings Bushido to sword collecting and offers full restoration services. He is extremely knowledgeable and offers sincere advice. Ed Marshall is another recommended person to conduct business with.

Knife Dealers and Services: The finest in Firearms, Knives and Accessories.  Class III Dealer. Continued excellence in knife making. Made in USA. Anthony Marfione is the owner of Microtech Knives.  This site is for his famous custom knives. Made in USA. Microtech Knives are the standard of excellence.  See on the Microtech Dealers Page. Made in USA. Custom Tool Maker.  Has a ready supply of hard to find Microtech knife tools and bits. The home of Ratworx USA.  Maker of fine knives, including the popular MRX.  See on the Ratworx Dealers Page.