Other Related Items: Armor, Books, Prints…

This section is for other Japanese cultural related items, including armor (katchu), books, inro, netsuke, and woodblock prints.
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This 2 Volume Set is in pristine condition.  It catalogues the Superior Quality Collection from the ‘100 Sword Guard Society’.  A collectible book set.

Price: SOLD



Japanese Sword Mounts in the collections of Field Museum, Helen Gunsaulus


A great book for the Western Tsuba/Tosogu Collector.  Written in English.  Describes the varies Tosogu Schools in relation to Japanese History.

Price: $70



Boston Museum of Fine Arts

A must have for the Japanese Sword & Book Collector.  A catalogue of some of the finest swords in North America, in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  By Morihiro Ogawa.

Price: SOLD



The Hartman Collection of Japanese Metalwork

A Christies Auction Catalogue of the Hartman Collection.

Price: SOLD