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Bringing ancient and modern together with authentic Japanese swords, other antique nihonto, Samurai artifacts, and a full line of modern, American made tactical knives from Microtech and Ratworx. Mission: Honor and integrity will be uncompromised in the avocation of nihonto collecting and will be the basis of every item represented. Nihonto: This is a Tachi made in the Nambokucho Period by Bizen Hidemitsu, rated Saijo Saku for supreme sharpness.

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Nihonto: This is a Juyo Token Tachi made in the late Kamakura Period by Tegai Kanenaga, master of the Tegai Den.

Our Mission: Honor and Integrity will be uncompromised in the advocation of Nihonto Collecting and will be the basis of every item represented, ancient or modern.

Our passion for modern knives comes from an understanding of Nihonto; the highest quality edged weapons ever made.  Today, custom knife makers keep the tradition of high quality edged weapons alive.  It is our objective to carry the best lines from the finest manufacturers.  You will never find a cheap, knock-off on this site.

The creature you see in our header is an Oni,  In Japanese folklore, this mischievous demon is necessary to balance the equation of life.  Oni’s antithesis is Shoki, a sage and protector.  This balance comes from the concept of Yin & Yang in Eastern philosophy.  From death comes life, and vice versa.  The kanji is “Banzai”, which means Ten Thousand Years of Life, in Japanese.

Onihonto literally translated means “Big”, or Important, Sword in Japanese.  It also has an alternate translation of “Real Oni“.